About Us

I am a fly tier and fisherman based in Victoria, Australia.

This journey started with me wanting to share some of the bits of gear that I use with other like-minded people. Along the way, friends (and fellow fly fishermen) agreed to kindly lend their experience and expertise to add greater depth to the team.

We are located in different parts of Australia so our knowledge and experience of our local fishing environments, the species that inhabit these environments and how to fish for them is a resource that we draw upon and share with our fellow fly fishers.

We use the materials and accessories that we stock to tie the flies that we fish with, whether it is in the tropical waters chasing trevally, barramundi or saratoga, temperate rivers for natives such as cod and bass, the temperate saltwater for kingfish or luderick, or the cooler mountain streams for trout.

Our goal is to provide a range of good value fly tying materials and fly fishing accessories to encourage others to enjoy the sport of fly fishing and, more importantly, the art of fly tying.