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Last Cast Marble Fox Tail

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Marble fox tail hair is a great material for wings.

The marble fox has the longest guard hair of the various types of foxes. Each strand has a slight crinkle which enables it to hold its volume in the current better.

A fox tail is a dense mass of fur with long well tapered guard hairs. The guard hairs have a natural sheen and slight translucency. These hairs also are sufficiently stiff to retain their shape, but supple enough to provide a great deal of movement in the current or when stripped.

Furthermore, the underfur is soft and are an excellent dubbing material.

Fox tail hair is very compressible so a sizeable amount can be used without the bulkiness.

Fox tail is an excellent material for a host of patterns from baitfish to shrimp fly patterns.

Each packet contains 1 patch of marble fox tail hair.