Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn

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This spooled product is a tightly bonded, crinkled polyyarn which has a very “buggy” appearance. It is intended for tying up bodies and wings of flies, or to create detached bodies.

Referred to as “floating yarn” by fly tyers worldwide, polypropylene yarn has a specific density of 0.91g/m³. Being lighter than water, it floats very well and is ideal for dry flies as parachute posts and dubbing. Further, its structure enhances that floatability of the polyyarn because its fibrous design traps micro air bubble around the surfaces of the material.

“Natural polyyarn like Dry Fly Polyyarn floats on the water’s surface without the necessity of floatant, making it ideal for dry flies. We have developed this highly "buggy" looking yarn which can simply be tied in and wrapped around the hook for dry fly bodies. With the nodules of polyyarn on Dry Fly Polyyarn, it will help the floatability and look of your flies.” - Semperfli

“Because Dry Fly Polyyarn is bonded we have been able to blend different colours together to make a more natural body material, after all no insect or fly is a single colour.” - Semperfli

Each spool of Dry Fly polyyarn has 3.6 meters (4 yards) of material.