Semperfli Predator Fibres

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Predator Fibres are long crinkled fibres that are ideal for a variety of flies, from nymphs to massive streamers and predator flies.

Each pack contains strands that are 500mm (20”) in overall length folded in 2 to enable you to make really large flies if required.

The fibres will disperse water easily whilst still retaining its shape.

Predator Fibres have an excellent sheen and a great colour range to match your baitfish and streamer patterns.

However, the usefulness of these fibres is not limited to large flies, it works equally well as parachute posts, underwings on dry flies or even dubbed as fly bodies.

  • Use small portions for dubbing
  • Use lengthy portions for winging and bodies
Each pack has a generous amount of fibres and there is a wide range of colours.