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Tippet Spool Tenders

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These handy little tenders keep your spools of tippet tidy and ready to use. We have all experienced the frustration of tippets tangling up or abrasions to exposed tippets that may not be easily seen but can weaken the tippet at the most crucial time.

You simply thread the end of the tippet through the coloured plastic grommet, then stretch the elastic around the spool until it fits snugly into the groove of the spool. To dispense tippet, just hold the spool between your thumb and index finger to allow the spool to spin between your fingers, gently pull the required length of tippet and cut off.

They are generically sized and designed to fit most spools of tippet.

Each packet contains 4 tippet spool tenders, each with a different coloured grommet for easy identification.