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Last Cast Marabou Plumes

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Marabou is very versatile natural material and is used to tie woolly buggers, leech imitations, nymphs and a variety of other saltwater and freshwater baitfish or shrimp patterns. Marabou is renowned for its softness and highly mobile characteristics.

The marabou plume is the longest type of feather. These are more fluffy and webbed than blood quill marabou. They are also commonly referred to as Extra Select or Select Marabou.

The more uniformed, fluffy and webbed barbs at the lower section of the stem are well suited for tying wings and tails.

The wispy barbs at the top of the stem are useful for tying collars on leech and woolly bugger fly patterns.

These are natural feathers so their lengths vary, from 12 – 17cm (5” – 7”) in length.

Each packet contains: 20 plumes of feather. (Please note that these feathers are not strung)